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I am a “young” at heart (older) girl who has worked hard all her life.

Whilst being the 4th child to be born into a family has its own challenges, it did not cause my biggest challenges in life – those challenges came from “woman’s liberation”.

My age group was at the vanguard (front) of the March that has “won the right for woman” to be independent and do as they decide and NOT “as was decided for them”.

In today’s modern society, we can now take those rights for granted yet we do need to be mindful that these rights are not universal.

Anyway I was blessed with wonderful parents who always treated me as an “equal status” child which has meant I have always been able to retain my demeanor “as a lady” and not be bitchy.

In my early working days I was an interview officer for an Employment Agency and eventually promoted to the position of State Manager for it’s “casual staff” division.

During this time I joined some Community Service Groups – where I quickly gained the respect of “the older boys” because of my ability to plan, manage and generally work hard.

So apart from taking on and doing very well at different assignments, I was given the task to lead a major Community Event – which fortunately was blessed by wonderful weather – and was an outstanding success.

My working skills include accounting, legal and computer programming – and my father would add – an ability to type on 2 keyboards at once – whilst my mother would add – an ability to remain calm and composed despite enormous pressure.

My brother who wrote this for me – told me to scrap my “final draft” because “you are too nice to blow your own trumpet” – and added “my sister is such a wonderful cook and person”.

So thankfully this “About” article is finished without any effort by me – hope you like this web site and will tell all your friends to visit regularly.

Thanks and bye for now.

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